Managed Communities

Lakeshore Decorating has serviced various developments and multi dwelling facilities during our many years in business. This extensive experience provides us with the unique ability to anticipate your properties needs and produce quality workmanship in any setting. It is our pleasure to assist you with the upkeep of your community, building, apartment or condominiums.

  • In a horizontal community setting, we provide on site personnel to change light bulbs, remove trash from properties, water the plantings, troubleshoot issues, and provide general maintenance activities.
  • In a vertical community setting, we provide duties that are more janitorial in nature.

Multi-Unit Maintenance

We are able to accommodate your rental property or managed community with a regular maintenance service schedule. It is important that large and small communities have a basic upkeep schedule as tenants move in and out to minimize overall maintenance costs. These tasks typically include; painting (our specialty), repairing holes in walls, repairing damaged counter tops, replacing hinges or doors and changing locks.

Lakeshore Decorating - Managed Communities

Sometimes a certain amount of updating is needed in the competitive Chicago real estate and rental market. Lakeshore Decorating has the skills that you require and deserve for renewing your leased space, pleasing future tenants and increasing market value. We can help you design an improved look for your space, remove the outdated fixtures and install new product of your choice.

Whether it is a complete renovation or small improvements, we welcome your business.